Savvy Nursing Shoes

Savvy Nursing Shoes - Gainesville, GA
Savvy Nursing Shoes - The Uniform Shop
Brandy Multiwaves by Savvy Shoes

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Brandy
Multi Waves – $49.95

Savvy Shoes - Katy Sugar Skull 2

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Katy
Sugar Skull #2 – $49.95

Savvy Shoes - Katy, Pink Mardi Gras

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Katy
Pink Mardi Gras – Sold Out!

Savvy Nursing Shoes, Brandy - Scribble

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Brandy
Mulit-colored Scribble – $49.95

Brandy Sugar Skull Shoes by Savvy

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Brandy
Sugar Skull #1 – $49.95

Savvy Nursing Shoes, Brandy - Silver Plaid

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Brandy
Silver Plaid – $49.95

Savvy Shoes - Danielle Black Nursing

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Danielle
Black – $49.95

Savvy Shoes - Danielle White Nursing

Savvy Nursing Shoes – Danielle
White – $49.95

Savvy Shoes - Danielle Black Nursing

Savvy Men’s Shoes – David
Black Slip-resistant – $49.95
Great for Healthcare Workers and Chefs!

The Uniform Shop sells nursing shoes by many brand name shoe companies. Stop in today to shop for your shoe style and size. Our friendly staff will special order your size and/or style if we happen to be out of the shoes you select. We look forward to helping you!

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